Some Age, Others Mature, While the Legend Lives Forever

A legend, imitated, but never equalled

“More than anything else, I’d like to be an old man with a good face, like Hitchcock or Picasso”

requiescat in pace, Sean Connery.

Trying New Private Detectives.

I had been fiercely loyal to my detectives, all this time.

The creators of Hercule Poirot, Ms Marple, Sherlock Holmes, AXL Pendergast and Chief Inspector Armand Gamache made them so unique that every other detective I tried to acquaint with, did not move ahead of that first date.

Recently I tried a few more.

1. Lord Peter Wimsey By Dorothy. L Sayers

Lord’s Wimsey’s loyal fans please forgive me

Busman’s Holiday is the book which read. I loved the characterization of Lord Wimsey and Harriet vane. The wealthy British aristocrat, who quotes Shakespeare and other poets  and has Bunter as his “man” has a definite charm.  He is a brilliant sleuth and I would have loved and spent time enjoying the delectable banter between him and Harriet if it were in a drama, but not in a murder mystery.

The problem was, I had to wait till the sixth chapter for the murder to be discovered even though the absence of Mr Noakes , the victim, is hovering over as the shroud of mystery from the first chapter. After a point of time I got bored of the slow pace and somehow I managed to complete the book. 

2.  Kinsey Millhone by Sue Grafton

I started with A is for Alibi. Kinsey Millhone doesn’t conform to society’s expectations. She is a free spirit who isn’t concerned about her appearance at all. These characteristics about her are underlined in the very first book of alphabet murder series. She is a private investigator and operates alone without a side-kick. I loved her but the plot of the book was shaky. But I am still going to have a go at the remaining books too.

3. Isaiah Quintabe by Joe Ide

I read two books of Isaiah I.Q Quintabe.

I loved him in the first book titled IQ. He is from the hood and is a private investigator. Left on his own after his beloved older brother Marcus dies, Isaiah, an honour student with a supercharged brain , drops out of high school. He has inductive reasoning skills which is not as well developed as Holmes or Poirot. He has built his own Audi when he was working with TK in his scrap yard, has a baton and a self made pellet –gun as weapons. His character is painted in grey and he has a self proclaimed partner, Dodson whom Isaiah just tolerates in the book as their relation goes way back.

It was a gripping plot. So after the first book, I went ahead and read the fourth book in the series, Hi Five which was my big mistake. It bumped off a favourite character, Beaumont, in the beginning.

IQ has to deal with a complex character with multiple personality syndrome who is the only witness to murder. The plot was more gun-violence and white supremacy and involved more shoot-outs than crime-solving. I had started falling in love with Isaiah and this plot revealed him as giving in to his vulnerability , losing everything and running away from the hood.

I am not sure if I am going back to read book 2 and 3 in the series.

But I am planning to watch the Peter Wimsey series with Edward Petherbridge as Lord Wimsey just to see if could rekindle that initial spark of love which I felt for him after my first book.

Want To Go Paragliding

Paragliding and bungee jumping are two adventures I want to try before my health gives in to age.

So that’s the one in my bucket list. Paragliding as a couple.

image credit”

They leapt
in each other’s arms.
Fear slayed
by adrenaline.
The parachute,
a huge heart
billowed above.

Finally, Puttu.

Only a Keralite knows what Puttu means to him/her.

Since it comparatively easy to make, and can be relished with spicy curries or bananas, it often claims the breakfast table of every Kerala household.

Puttu is steamed rice flour, which is first fried to a particular texture. It is generally made in a tubular contraption called puttu kutti and steamed .

My mother gifted me one of those during the early days of our marriage . I must have made it a few times and then discarded it due to the availability of easier breakfast options .

My husband loves Puttu and he got a smaller version of the puttu kutti which can be used over a pressure cooker. So finally, today we made puttu.

Puttu lights up my husband’s face like a child who received his Christmas gift. The reason being, it is one of the cooking skills which he learned from his late mother. You can see him in blissful nostalgia, reminiscing those times spent with his darling mother, sharing stories over a Puttu maker.

It is a work of art. The mixing of rice flour has to be perfect. Then you fill it in the tube, reddish brown rice flour with snowhite flakes of grated coconut in between. Not overstuffed. Just the right amount. After steaming , you tenderly force it out . There, on the plate you can see your work of culinary art. A perfect cylinder of brown and white .

Puttu can have multiple partners . Chicken curry, black chickpeas curry , eggs curry etc or if you like it sweet , then mix it with little sugar and ripe bananas.

I always have it both ways. First I indulge my spicy craving with chicken curry.

Then another serving, with sugar and banana. It is finger licking delicious.

October Photo A Day Challenge – Full

October Photo A Day Challenge by City Sonnet, Day 30


Where flowers bloom, so will hope.

Full reminds me of fully bloomed tree.

Then, a full moon and I unfortunately do not have a click yet.


Tree- sorrel . My mother pickles the sun dried fruit .

Indian laburnum. Every time I see these blooms, I remember, Daphne Du Maurier’s, cousin Rachel.

I Don’t Know

I have Soni’s Thoughts to thank for this.

I was enjoying her amazing posts when I came across this gif-y challenge by Nehal and Tiction.

I love gifs. The short moving pictures which makes you laugh and think alike.

When the prompt is Idk, mother’s know the best. This summarises how we say Idk

That would be my most overused words. I still use them. My 13 year old would come with his questions about video games, ” Mama, do you know…blah blah…blah?” Sometimes he don’t even wait for the Idk, and would continue with the gaming tips that is just useless information for someone who know games only by names..well at least a few of them.

I believe he is having his revenge for all that ‘forcing to learn thing’ that I have done with him.