Finally, Puttu.

Only a Keralite knows what Puttu means to him/her.

Since it comparatively easy to make, and can be relished with spicy curries or bananas, it often claims the breakfast table of every Kerala household.

Puttu is steamed rice flour, which is first fried to a particular texture. It is generally made in a tubular contraption called puttu kutti and steamed .

My mother gifted me one of those during the early days of our marriage . I must have made it a few times and then discarded it due to the availability of easier breakfast options .

My husband loves Puttu and he got a smaller version of the puttu kutti which can be used over a pressure cooker. So finally, today we made puttu.

Puttu lights up my husband’s face like a child who received his Christmas gift. The reason being, it is one of the cooking skills which he learned from his late mother. You can see him in blissful nostalgia, reminiscing those times spent with his darling mother, sharing stories over a Puttu maker.

It is a work of art. The mixing of rice flour has to be perfect. Then you fill it in the tube, reddish brown rice flour with snowhite flakes of grated coconut in between. Not overstuffed. Just the right amount. After steaming , you tenderly force it out . There, on the plate you can see your work of culinary art. A perfect cylinder of brown and white .

Puttu can have multiple partners . Chicken curry, black chickpeas curry , eggs curry etc or if you like it sweet , then mix it with little sugar and ripe bananas.

I always have it both ways. First I indulge my spicy craving with chicken curry.

Then another serving, with sugar and banana. It is finger licking delicious.

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