Friendly Friday Photograph- Unique

This post is for Friendly Friday Photograph which is hosted for the week by Sandy

This week’s theme is Unique and here are few of my unique photograph collection.

Lean on Me

I met this couple on my evening walk. I wasn’t having my camera and so had to use my cellphone for the photograph. The wild vine coiling around the wire of the towering pole!

I am sure that someone might have noticed the vine at the early stages of this affair. They allowed it to lean on the wire, which is probably, part of some communication tower.

No vine might have ever reached to this height and I am trying to imagine the network of xylem and phloem vessels extending from the ground level to the tip of the plant, transporting water and nutrients..

The setting sun poised for a moment atop the pole, giving a perfect illusion of a Sodium Vapour Street Light.

This mercury vapour lamp giving the illusion of full moon peeking behind palm leaves.

This adenium is something akin to a four leaf clover. Shaped like an angel ready with her blessings, I never found another one like this in my garden.

Atlas holding the weight of a giant spectacle on his back.

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