World Wide Candle Lighting Day

Today is World Wide Candle Lighting Day.

There were no usual Twitter hashtags or shares to remind people to join in this poignant ceremony. I read about this from a post by Kaushal Kishore.

I wanted to join, not only because I lost one of my students to a car accident a month ago, but also in solidarity with all those who have lost their children to an untimely death.

The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting on the 2nd Sunday in December unites family and friends around the globe in lighting candles for one hour to honor the memories of the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and grandchildren who left too soon. As candles are lit on December 13th, 2020 at 7:00 pm local time, hundreds of thousands of people commemorate and honor the memory of all children gone too soon.

The statistics of child death globally, is still alarming. A recent UNICEF report revealed that over 882,000 children under the age of five died in 2018 — that is over 100 children every hour, or a child every minute.

Remember the children who have died due to ill health and malnutrition.

Every 7 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent is killed by an act of violence. Remember them.

There are children who are caught in family fueds, kidnapped and murdered by family members. Remember them.

Children are raped and killed. Remember them.

There is no greater pain, than having to bury your child. The dimensions of that loss is something that one can never comprehend.

These candles are for them, the children, who are the candles, that have burned out long before their time, caught in a gust of wind.

Sir Elton John’s song, Candle in the Wind, is the best tribute to those lives

All is Bright

Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas has reached day 12

It is all about Christmas lights today.

The beauty of light is well appreciated when there is darkness around. The fairy lights winding up a Christmas tree from bottom to the Star of David at the top, is a reminder to spread the light to the world, as far as you can.

It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but that you are a conductor of light

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

If you can’t be luminous, then you can either reflect light or you can let the light shine through you, illuminating yourself.

Let the light shine through You.

One little Christmas tree can light up the world
So those who are lost may find their way

Lyrics from another one of my favourite songs by Stevie Wonder

Practice and Repeat

December Photo A Day Challenge by City Sonnet, Day 11

Are routines boring? Or is it something that brings method and order to a life, reining it from spinning out of control?

“Chaos is the natural order of things”.

A methodical person like me would attribute that theory coming from a maniac.

I love routine and order. Before I go to bed, I love having a clear road map of my tomorrow .

What am I having for meals? What will I be doing to fill, all the in between times?

Routine fills me with peace. But it doesn’t mean that I stick entirely to routine. I don’t let routine dictate my pattern of living. I let chaos take charge from time to time, plunging myself into the exhilarating heights of freedom.

I soar for a while, and then land back safely into that familiar place, filled with the kind of peace which only routine can bring .

When I am having a series of random, unplanned days littered with the adventure of uncertainty, it suffuses me with the same kind of feeling when you are on road. The feeling of missing home.

Out of routine comes inspiration. To grasp what’s exceptional, you first have to know what’s routine.

Michael Kimmelman

These are some boxes which I tick, as part of my routine.

Writing . My old diary and ball pen. Then reading
Evening walks
Capturing frames during my walk.
Cooking is always done, singing along with my favourite songs.


As kids, whenever we showed reluctance to eat something, which would end up as waste, we were reminded of the children and people who starve. That prompt was forceful enough to stop complaining and get back to whatever we were eating, even if we had to gulp it down with water. We were taught that food waste is a sin.

Seeing children and adults, searching through garbage bins for food, is something that would burn into your mind. It is still a constant ache, which is dulled by doing little acts of charity.

There is a lot which could be done to reduce the amount of food waste. Avoiding overstocking is just one of them.

The below report by my son Ashkenaz digs deeper into food waste .

I spoke to farmers and NGOs on “Wonky Veg” and it’s impact on food waste and the climate crisis.


A Holly Jolly Christmas

Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas

Ho-ho-ho and a happy, jolly Christmas to you! Feel warm and fuzzy inside already?

Did that special something appear in the air which permeates into you?

Did the sights and scents all around you fill you with happiness?

Did you buy gifts?

Or are you a Grinch who cannot find anything magical and perceive only the commercial?

My pictures for a Jolly Christmas are of a unique Santa 🎅.

He refuses to come down through chimney and ride on reindeer driven sleighs.

He loves giving gifts looking the person in the eye. Yeah..and you will also see him kissing, not only Mommy, but also granny and uncles and cousins . He is also a hugger.

Isn’t he a jolly good fellow!!!

These are from my best Christmas memories. With our extended family scattered around different parts of the Globe, it had been a nuclear family Christmas last year and will be , this year too.

Meanwhile , It is the seaon to be Jolly. So Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.


December Photo A Day Challenge by City Sonnet, Day 10

Today’s prompt word being Stylish, I guess, I could face the camera instead of being behind it.

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

Lauren Hutton

Before I go all stylish, someone from the animal planet who flaunt their style

This one was rescued by my husband. Before she was handed over to bird rescue, she nipped off a bit of skin and flesh from my fingers .

Now the stylish couple

And finally the lady.

Countdown to Christmas

Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas

Bells and Christmas

Bells that ring out from Church steeple, calling for worship.

Bells that herald beginnings or endings.

Bells that summon.

And bells that jingle and tinkle.

The clear tones, resonating in the placid silence.

Often, the cadence lingers, long after the clapper stops.

The countdown for the wait to hear the bells on Christmas day..Till then, bells that gild the tree 🎄.

Flower of the Day- Coat Buttons

Cee’s Flower of the Day

I have a thing for wild flowers and during our walks into the wild, I document every leaf, bud and flower which to most, would be noxious weeds. It has earned me the sobriquet ” Weed Paparazzi” .

Here is one of them , Tridax procumbens or Coat Buttons or Tridax daisy.

They have off-white petals with yellow centres.

I can imagine them embellishing a classic blue, denim button down dress. Would someone fashion buttons like them please!!!

Tridax procumbens has been in use for wound healing and as an anticoagulant, antifungal, and an insect repellent in India.

It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine for liver disorders, hepatoprotection, gastritis, and heartburn.

Information collected from

Walkway outside the Railway Station

Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive And Trekking – December 4

Yesterday evening, I had to spent almost an hour outside the railway station. My husband had to meet someone who was delivering a document.

The person was expected to arrive by the 6:30 pm train. We were already on our evening walk. We usually start at 5 pm and cover 7 km in little more than an hour which takes us back home at 6:15 pm. We thought of waiting that extra 15 minutes at the station, instead of going home and then coming back.

Since most of the people still work from home, it did not have the usual thronging crowd. The walkway was almost empty.

Inspite of a No Parking Zone sign post, there were a few motorbikes parked.

The branches of the tree was in a chiaroscuro triggered by the street light.