Indian Cormorants

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

We have these majestic Indian Cormorants in Navi Mumbai wetlands.

I caught them drying their wings right after a good meal of fish.

Two or Four?

The glassy surface of the water tricks you into believing that they are indulging in some acrobatic mating ritual !!!!

So here is the same at a different angle…

Kindling Fire

City Sonnet’s January colours and letters.

Starting with letter K

Kindling Fire

Also one of my favourite quotes.

For it is a fire that kindling its first embers in the narrow nook of a private bosom, caught from a wandering spark out of another private heart, glows and enlarges until it warms and beams upon multitudes of men and women, upon the universal heart of all, and so lights up the whole world and all nature with its generous flames.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

To Watch the Sugarcane Fields

Pull up a seat Challenge

The Red cement bench
The Yellow Cement bench

I want so much to listen to the story behind these cement benches .

There were total four of them, two of each colour, on the left side of a non- descript road somewhere between Nippani and Kolhapur.

We were on our road trip to Goa and the colours called out amidst the browns of the surrounding fields. It is easy to miss as they are not along the main road but a deserted road that forms a T with the main.

There were no inscriptions or dedications. There were sugarcane farms around and no houses in the immediate vicinity except a bus stop and a structure that looked like a shelter.

The presence of street dogs spoke of a village nearby.

Were these benches made for the farm workers ?

They had a story to tell and I had no way of knowing.

People do use them, the garbage strewn near the bench was evidence enough.


Twilight is my favourite time of the day.
It is the seam between daylight and darkness.

The thread sewed in changing colours from salmon to purple and then cobalt blue.

The fabric of night is in black satin, with its moon motif changing its pattern everyday and constellations that shimmer and shine.


Photo Challenge by City Sonnet

January 17 – Word ending with O


The long stretch of wetlands at Nerul, which is around 10 km from where I live, get yearly visitors in January.

Flocks of lesser and greater flamingos descend, which attracts plenty of visitors.

The flamingos don’t mind the human company and the photographers who throng the place for photos and videos.

We went during low tide and they had retreated farther and hence couldn’t get to see a lot of them near, other than a faint salmon pink line in the horizon.

They will grace us with their presence till the onset of monsoon. So I will be visiting again, just for observing their special moves. It is amazing, watching them twisting and turning their elongated neck in a synchronised dance.

Given below is a lot of esoteric information which I collected from seaworld just to have a name for their rhythmic moves. I wish I could add a picture for each, which I don’t have right now.

“Head-flag” involves stretching the neck and head up as high as possible, with the bill pointing upwards, and then rhythmically turning the head from one side to the other.

“Wing-salute” is performed by spreading the wings for a few seconds, showing their striking contrasted colors, while the tail is cocked and neck outstretched.

In the “inverted wing-salute”, the flamingo angles its head down, cocks its tail, and orients its body so that the tail is higher than the chest. The wings are then held partially open above the back with the black flight feathers pointing up and the bend in the wing pointing down.

“Twist-preen” entails the bird twisting its neck back and appearing to preen quickly, with its bill behind a partly open wing.

“Wing-leg stretch” involves the leg and wing on the same side stretched out and to the rear.

“Marching” is performed by a large group of flamingos that cluster together, stand erect, and then move in quick, synchronized steps in first one direction and then another.

These are a few of their signature moves. But there is a lot more .

Beauty in Proximity

Macros Challenge by Anne

I love macros, maybe because my scientific temperament lets me see the beauty of things in their molecular level.

I haven’t yet invested in a macro lens. I am currently experimenting with the super macro lens of mobile phone.

The biggest problem with the mobile phone is, I can’t hold it steady and the slightest breeze gives a blurred picture.

But I managed a few fairly decent pictures.

Ice cubes in water
Wild flower

I have a long way to go and much to learn before I get my lens.

Till then playing around with mobile macro lens.