Mexican Prickly Poppy

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

Spotted while trekking to Firangai Devi Cave Temple at Nanoli.

Mexican Prickly Poppy or Argemone Mexicana.

What attracted me more are the leaves. They are alternate, without leaf stalks, serrated and the margins are spiny. The grey-white veins stand out against the bluish-green upper leaf surface. They are extremely prickly.

In Sanskrit the plant is called Svarnakshiri. Svarna means ‘gold’ and ‘kshiri’ – juice.

It is considered toxic for cattle.

Target Practice or Not

Someone did this to an apple!

Took few bites from either sides.

Then placed it on the head of an exposed pipe on the pavement.

How many times have I seen the scene played out in movies..?

This was no work of an archer, but maybe I appreciate his sense of humour but not the lack of civic sense.

Dad Will Give It Back

How would we survive without humour?

We use it as a shield and also as a weapon.

I came across this meme about the rise in petrol price which has gone upto Rs 100 for a litre.

This came on whatsapp and I do not know who is the creator.

The humour is not going to change the price but it does serve as an effective communication.

As Victor Borge said,

There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth.