Pink Rose

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

My first instinct on seeing a rose, is to bent down, hoping to catch a whiff of its fragrance.

Rose fragrance for me is Yardley London Red Roses and nostalgia. It smells of my best friend’s home who had her father working abroad.

That was one of the things he used to bring during his yearly visits.

The roses that I see now are ornamental. No fragrance. Only looks.

However my mother’s garden has bushes of Damask Rose and that definetely smells like a rose.

Colour Splash

This is in response to Dr.B’s Challenge Your Camera

This one required a lot of patience and finesse which I do lack. I felt like a child struggling to keep the crayons scribbles within the borders 😁.

I used an app called Colour Pop. It is a free version and hence it has too many advertisements. Here is the link for Colour Pop

But finally got to it with imperfections and leaking colours. Thank you Dr.B for the Challenge.

My son performing in a Street Play
My girl’s Yellow collar.

I thought, let’s look at the butterfly and not the ixora.

This silver snowflake tree ornament have me a tough time. The purple light refused to fade.

The umbrella is now on fire.

Happily Yellow Everafter

This for Jude’s Life in Colours Challenge

In the world of safe hues, like black, red and white, yellow shouts: ‘Look at me. I’m happy!’” – Joy Sewing

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and smile.

So my first photograph is of these buildings in white, painted golden yellow by the wide strokes of an evening sun.

Food in yellow is appetizing. This Indian snack , Papdi chaat has a garnish of fine yellow noodles made of gram flour.

Indian snack ..Paapdi Chaat

Even though there is no accurate statistics, I have come across a rating where yellow flowers hold second position in its abundance.

Indian laburnum
Marigold for the Libran

Now for some random selection of yellow.

Dancer- drill with lazim
If you see a tyre or a pile of them, like this, it means somewhere around there is a shop to fill air in your car tyres.
Yellow flag
An integral part of Rangoli in India

Let the Numbers Speak for themselves.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Cee gave Numbers as the topic.

New Year

We lit candles on New Year’s Eve sending out our good wishes to the Universe.

These are 101 reasons why I love him… This was in 1998. I still have 101 new reasons to love him.

This is the 33rd tree on the boulevard.

A bump on the road. But don’t know what is 209…And yet another cake shop is opening today.

The numbers on the wall. Another code by the government roadways

Yet another code.

Friday Special Treat

Sandy’s Friendly Friday Special treat.

One of the many things that I adapted due to the prolonged ‘work from home’ is, eating to live.

Sometimes I used to eat, just because it was time to eat and not because I was hungry.

Being South Indians our breakfast is always heavy, mostly comprising of something made of rice flour along with a gravy. That is more calories than a sedentary work, next to a computer, can utilise within 4 hrs.

So I started having soup for lunch. I had to invent varieties, playing around with veggies, spices and condiments, but I got over my lunch ritual of more carbohydrates.

So now weekends are for special treats.

I longed for a slider and hence spent some time making everything from the scratch.

You know it was a hit, when your teen comments that he would never feel like eating a Big Mac again.