Death Cried

Even though I am not politically inclined, I couldn’t help posting the above image, as I have been seeing some people still not accepting that the governance failed and things spun out of hand.

Everyday, I get to hear the death of a friend or an acquaintance, often young and without any co-morbidities.

All I am left with are unanswered whys and hows.

I saw death crying
in the corridor,
of the hospital,
leaning on the
shoulder of the soul
he came to collect,
by the pyres
that burned
from daylight
through nightfall
& the silent cries
of the spirits
with none
to hold their hand
as they gasped

7 thoughts on “Death Cried

  1. Sad and true 😌
    I am so hurt and so sad. I too am not politically inclined but this is an unforgivable crime. Neither history nor karma shall forgive ModiShah duo 😌

    I get so many calls daily for prayers. Let us keep praying πŸ™

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