Tell Me How

This one is for my mother. She is 75 and with the spirit of a teen.

She used to be extremely happy not so long ago- at least she seemed so.

But she isn’t anymore and I don’t know what to do. I do not know how to heal all the hurt which she has been carrying around.

If I could I would
open you like a suitcase
and unpack
all the hurt
folded and wedged
in every available space
that you keep
arranging and rearranging
everyday for some journey you can’t force yourself to take
and re-pack it
with rainbows and
eight- pointed stars.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me How

  1. Oh oh. God willing she will be soon back to her lively happy self 😊🙏

    Just hug her
    And tell her you love her
    And pray for her
    That is the best you can do 💖

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