From Ferring, With Love.

If someone asks me why did I choose Ferring for my first longstay as a solo traveller, I would say it just happened.

I started dreaming about the English countryside ever since I read my first Jane Austen book, Pride and Prejudice .” There is no finer county in England than Derbyshire,”.

It wasn’t just about Pemberley Lake or Edwardian manors, I too wandered along with Elizabeth Bennet with my heart aching so much in longing.

Then came Agatha Christie with her murder mysteries set in Devon and St Mary’s Mead and Market Basing, Thomas Mallory with Morte D’Arthur.

Daphne Du Maurier with wild Cornwall and Jamaica Inn. How can a bibliophile not dream about England!!!!

And here I am, living my dream at the age of 48, on a five month long book tour of England.

Ferring does not have much connection with books other than the presence of Arundel castle which is the castle of Anglides mentioned in Morte D’Arthur. Web search also informed me that, certain scene in 2017 Wonder Woman was filmed in this castle that I haven’t visited yet.

Ferring was just a random choice. If this is what a British coastal Village looks like, then it should be on the top list of places to visit in England.


I walked to Ferring beach yesterday from Kilham Way where I am staying for the month. The walk way is the one, that has me now. My eyes whirr comet like towards the either side, the quaint houses, the trees, the lawns, the clouds that sprinkle gold into my eyes…and overwhelmed, the deep burning sleeping in my soul rose and migrated into its shadows..

The beach was quiet, other than the poems, the wind was writing on the illuminated stones.

I stood there, placing the breath of the sea in the hollow of my soul. Winds blow and kiss my hair.

It was low tide, so I couldn’t take a wave by hand nor embrace the sea.

I will come again. I was already absorbed by you. Your flesh will remember me when I return, won’t it ?

Signing off from Ferring, England.

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