Live and Let Live

Why cannot people live by this simple principle?

The reason I am putting my thoughts in print is because of the explanations people are expecting from my husband. They want to know why has he ALLOWED me to travel alone and stay alone for five months in a foreign land!!!

How could she leave her grown up son and husband to look after themselves and have her own good time ?

My husband and I were brought up in a strictly patriarchal society where we observed our mothers’ and other female relatives’ purpose of life can be summarised into looking after their families.

Where women are brought to believe that before going to their office, they have to cook breakfast, make lunch tiffins for all and get their children ready for school. Once back from work, do the cleaning, mopping, washing and then cook dinner, all by themselves or maybe with the help of a maid.

Education didn’t change anything much for women and men of my generation. Reading about the horrifying details of dowry deaths in the next generation, I can see that nothing is better even for them. Woman is still made to feel guilty if she does something for herself, like what I am doing now ; travel solo, have dreams and make them come true.

Life is different only for people who have the courage to take risks and not care about what the society talks about them.

We moved away to Mumbai and decided not to follow the so called patriarchy. It was difficult and we are still learning. We are partners and best friends more than anything. We give each other space and freedom to live, without insecurities, because we know the power of the love between us. We raise our boys giving them values we believe in and not the ones that dictates different set of rules for men and women.

There are so many people in our generation who watch us breaking the boundaries that society has made for us. They themselves cannot even sway on the set path. Or they do not thave the courage to do so. This makes them resentful.

Rushing to the boundary they question us, how could you? They think that my husband is hen- pecked. They measure the length of my dress and say, ” The older she gets, the shorter her dress becomes” ( I didn’t make this up. My so called friend asked the same to my sister)

To those people, I am saying ” Just sod off”

It is my life. I live it the way, I find it fit.

I am happy. We are happy.

But are you? You will be, when you direct your time and energy in doing better things for yourself.

To all those who send negative thoughts our way, May your negativity bounce on the armour of our faith and love and fall back on you.

Just Live, and Let others Live.

11 thoughts on “Live and Let Live

  1. ‘Education didn’t change anything much for women and men….’ Completely agree..
    We, woman still have boundaries tht we can’t cross and if we do so, society called us rebellion… Can relate myself reading your article… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. Jump, and you will learn how to fly! This is me and I see it is your story as well. Our parents and their parents generation are very Conservative because of the life they saw and lived. Because of the situations in those days. Now things have changed. So we may spread our wings but with due respect and consideration for older generations.

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