Whitebeam Woods

Today, I thought of walking to Whitebeam woods. I have read that it is the last site of ancient woodland within the Borough of Worthing and wanted to feel its essence. This is what greeted me.

Whitebeam woods

A path leading into its depth. Dark and silent with the stillness interrupted by birdsongs and wingbeats.

I hesitated for a moment, first time as a traveller without my partner whose watchful eyes would be all on me to protect me from getting hurt from the wild things I generally do in the woods. I believe that I was a bird in my last life, or a squirrel or something that lived in the forests, among the trees. That is the only way, I can explain the oneness I feel with places like this.

There were many well trodden paths towards my right. I took the straight one . The first turn brought me to a clearing. What!!! Out of the woods already!!!

I lingered back watching the ducks in a pond that gets deep with flood waters.

Whitebeam Woods

There is a walkway that circles the clearing with a children’s park to its right. The place had many dogwalkers. The trees do not have a label on them. But I believe most of them are Whitebeams, though I found a hazelnut tree.

Hazelnut tree- Whitebeam woods
Whitebeam woods
Whitebeam Woods

I didn’t come here to watch the dogs. So I went back, sat on a fallen trunk and listened to the birds.

Whitebeam Woods.
The Wandering Dryad

Would I come here again? No. I couldn’t hear the call of the trees. But there is another place I would go again and again Highdown Hill and Highdown garden. After I get the names of all ( or almost) flowers and trees, I will chronicle them.

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