Of Blue Sky and Bare Trees

This is my third week in Worthing. There are two things here that I can’t take my eyes off.

The blue sky and bare trees.

I compared the photographs of sky that I have taken from my home town with that of here. There is a remarkable difference in their blueness. Or is it just that there are no towering buildings or skyscrapers here to steal the edges of the firmament ?

Then the bare trees.

People tell me I am here during the wrong season. I should be here during summer.
Now there are only trees that have given up their leaves. Naked and cold and depressing.
Strangely, that’s not what I see.
I see the soul of the trees. Every gnarled knot & scar revealed. Nothing to conceal under a pretentious foliage.
The branches like penitent lacerations of remorse & regrets extending further on and further on towards the sky, waiting for something.
Just like me.

They are imploring to look at them. To know them as they are.

Silent. Here everything is disrobed.

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