Edible Poetry

This morning
I composed
an edible poem.

At The Cafe

Pic credit :SaatchiArt.com

When I saw you
at the corner table in the cafe
fiddling with the carnation in the vase,
you looked like the refrain of a song
that someone lost & I’ve found.
Perhaps my heart’ll gather you
line by line.
I’ll dig out the rhythm
as you sit
avoiding my gaze.

The Full Circle

The pleasantries were exchanged
That was in the first quadrant
In the second
she threw back her head and laughed
and I splintered
weak-kneed & tongue-tied.
In the third
she tucked a rogue curl
behind her ears
I auctioned my soul to longing
In the fourth
she led me into the fields
where a million fireflies danced
“Stay with me and belong to no one else’
Foolishly I whispered.
I woke up alone and disheveled
the full circle
a noose around my neck.