Brick Kiln

A brick kiln has come up along our daily walking route.

The space used to be a wasteland, with a few bushes and lot of debris.

Then one evening, we saw it being cleared up. Few days later, shanties came up along the wall which borders the nurses’ quarters of a nearby hospital.

Then came the first block of bricks. They looked like a slab of custom made chocolate with someone’s initials etched into each block.

Here I couldn’t see any machines to aid in the brick making process. Everything is done manually including the moulding of the bricks.

The soil has good clay content and workers stand knee deep in the slurry mixing it.

The bricks are laid out to dry first which are then burned in a kiln.

Families of the workers stay in the make shift accomodation. The lane near the kiln has young children buzzing around engaging themselves in games while their parents are busy at work.