The Road I Dared To Take

This was a picture for poetry challenge.

It reminded me of the risk I took, and the road I finally decided to set on.

As I sleep walked
Through the day’s mundane tasks.
Again it beckoned to me
The road I never took.

It haunted me,
The road I am scared to take
With its dense spectral trees
And a patch of diffused light

It enchanted me,
This road I want to take
With its ominous incalculable darkness,
A promise of mystery and thrill.

So with the sophistry of courage,
I took my first measured steps.
And walked to the edge of light
On this road I was scared to take.

There may be times I fall
Dangers and road- blocks  meet
But I will sure know my strength
On this road that I dared to take.

Life isn’t lived without its risks
Conquering fears to walk to the end,
A dream that noone can see but you.
On this road that is worth the take

If I could change back Time

My friend recently asked me why my posts have an underlying note of sadness in them.

Words don’t pour out untill they start choking me. And there is always emotions involved. I have been told that my face mirrors what is in my mind. My smile disappears in the fraction of a second,bringing clouds of irritation , anger, and inner turmoil.

Today I received a parting gift from a friend. It came as a big surprise.

She said that she will miss me and with hugs came unexpected tears.

I love her as my younger sister. We had absolute fun during the times we worked together. Even though circumstances put a certain strain outwardly, deep down I still feel that pull at the chords of my heart . We share the same camaraderie when we talk and work. We always rocked as a team.

I wish I could change back time and put back things where I believe it should be.

But I know that my myopic sight cannot fathom the greater vision of Almighty.

Qué Sera Sera.

Then , I lived.

“Living with constantly being upset about what you lost is to waste what you have.”- uncredited quote.

But then again it depends on how deep and wide is your loss.

You can live with the loss just like the way you live with an incurable disease. You keep it under control just with the right amount of medication. But still it reminds you of its presence, its grip tightening sometimes .

But you aren’t wasting what you have . You know that life has to go on.

You go on, with the upset feeling.

Life is still the same. You just become a different you. As you live with an ache which plays hide and seek.