To You

I make a wish
on the waning moon
that I know you’d be watching too
from your part of the world.
I sign my kiss
on the scrolls of the four winds.
My dreams have a way
of ending before I take your hand.
My love,.
I am telling again
You are my sun
and the mist of the rain
that brings rainbow in my soul.
Listen to these words
they are what
my flesh sometimes forgets to say

November Photo A Day Challenge- Night

November Photo A Day Challenge, by City Sonnet, Day 8

I captured this globe light, because it looked perfect.

When I viewed it later, it looked like full moon. The light fixture melted into the darkness, it could be the moon playing hide and seek.

This is another one of my favourite portraits of night. The trees silhouetted against the orange sky gives a feeling of fire raging, somewhere beyond, which is closing down.