Painted Stork

Just a painted stork
in a topaz sky
when I turned back

Trailing Daisies

Flower Of The Day

Yellow Trailing Daisies appear when Summer ends, bringing along with itna wistful feeling.

This one is for Summer.

Just one hour left
to release my breath
my subdued wild heartbeats
that starved all summer
for the lemon peels in your skin
and the water mint in your sighs.
Just one hour left
one that isn’t easy as they think
with the time not hungry as I am
for the midnight jasmines in your hair.


Dr B posts wonderful challenges for someone who is working their photography skills through his Challenge Your Camera

I love close ups and am steadily progressing on getting some decent clicks.

I love the texture of icecubes and tried to play around with frozen objects.

Below click is of my bracelet made of sugar crystal sized beads.

When it comes to Macros, water drops takes the top spot. Dr B’s water drop on a twig is breathtakingly beautiful especially with its convex surface reflecting an inverted image of the trees .

I used the macro lens on my mobile phone camera for all the shots.

Target Practice or Not

Someone did this to an apple!

Took few bites from either sides.

Then placed it on the head of an exposed pipe on the pavement.

How many times have I seen the scene played out in movies..?

This was no work of an archer, but maybe I appreciate his sense of humour but not the lack of civic sense.

February Macros for Cee’s Midweek Madness

Cee’s Midweek Madness Photo Challenge- February Macro

The colourful beads from my neck piece

This single peacock feather was a token of love from a friend.

Galaxy within a pendant.

Tea light candles

Red powder for making floral patterns which is called as rangoli.

Was showing refraction of light to my son. The floral design of my coffee mug behind a jug of water.

Chiaroscuro ..Shadow of a bough on a sodium vapour lamp.

Ice cubes in water.

Frosted strawberry..