Dragon Rose

Image credit: Dreamstime.com

Do you know the lore of the crimson rose and the thorns?
The thorns resented the glory of the rose and the curses that came their way.
It grew and turned them insane.
In a moment of madness they gored her petals over and over until her flesh bled out red.
The thorns didn’t know that even then she would be beautiful and she would be reborn as a dragon rose with white stripes, a souvenir of the scars left by the thorns.

They Envy Copper Pods

Copper Pod is my most favourite summer flower.

The copper stems and buds that blooms to yellow five petal flowers with wavy egde made me ignore ever other summer flower.

They told me
that they envy me
because you write
poems for me.
Just to get them off my back
will you write a haiku
on weather
or the low pressure
over the north of
Bay of Bengal?

Why Is She a Xanthippe?

Women become xanthippes. Why?

Imagine this.

I asked him, ” Did you get the milk and bread?”
He said ” Understanding the question is half the answer”
I said, “I will then serve philosophy as breakfast”
He called me ‘xanthippe’
That’s how the fight started.

I say, behind every Xanthippe, there is a man who always forgets what she asked him to do.

Nothing is Always Something

Is something wrong?
Her answer was always ” No, Nothing”
Nothing actually held all the things that upset her.
It held her silent want for him to hear her unspoken words ,
Her longing for him to stay a moment more and ask her again what is wrong.
He never did and her nothings filled with everythings were always rendered nugatory by his wrong moves.


Twilight is my favourite time of the day.
It is the seam between daylight and darkness.

The thread sewed in changing colours from salmon to purple and then cobalt blue.

The fabric of night is in black satin, with its moon motif changing its pattern everyday and constellations that shimmer and shine.