My Lost Thoughts

I have been working on my book and somedays I write late into the night trying to transfer all my thoughts into print.

Somedays my thoughts are lost somewhere within. It is as if something smudged their map to the way out and they are lost, wandering inside my head.

My fingertips hover over the keyboard, gesticulating wildly to my drifting thoughts, trying to point out the exit, wishing that they would raise their bend heads from the blotched map and look.

Tired and vexed, I go to bed.

The trouble starts then. My brain refuses to slow down. My thoughts decide to let go off the map and try to smash their way out, forming sentences and I hear them in my sleep.

My sleep is fitful and I twist and turn. I am not sure if I am speaking out those lines aloud. My husband never complained, so maybe I don’t.

I wake up tired, and I am aware of my restless brain. Yet I cannot recollect the lines and they are lost to me. I try playing tag with them but they are insensitive towards my emotional requirements. They act too clever and they don’t let me catch them.
Finally I give up.

I wish there was a gadget that I can connect to my head, that would transfer those truant words and embed them in lines of print, even when I sleep.

Sounds of Silence

Does it? Does silence have all the answers?

When you seek answers for all those questions needing closure, delving deep within your own silence, you may hear your soul whispering them to you .

But there is a silence which can be deafening. Silence from a person who traps up all the answers you want, in a black hole.

You can interpret that silence in many ways , seeking answers in words that are not spoken.

May be those answers are the ones you do not want to hear.

Hence they are banished by the silence to a place where all the other unspoken word are incarcerated.

Or that silence can be a malevolent miasma that is meant to inflict your spirit.

Or a quake that creates a chasm between bodies and souls.

Or just that there is nothing left to say .

That is when you hear the sounds of silence.