Balloon Seller at the Junction

Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive And Trekking

While some hope for a better evening, than yesterday, to sell more balloons than yesterday, to have a better meal than yesterday, I walk past, hoping to burn all the calories that I consumed.

It is so true, that our own problems seem so trivial when we take time to listen to people around us.

The Pipeline over Still Water.

Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive And Trekking

The Pipeline over Still water

I could see the evening sun rays changing the blue of the pipeline from azure to cobalt blue, as I tried to capture it from different angles, just like the edit icon on a brightness and saturation control.

The bow of the boat sliced the dark reflection of the pipeline in a perfect streamline.

The trailing waves like the transparent train of a bridal veil…

The visions that wait for us, if we a take a moment to pause and see.

Walkway outside the Railway Station

Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive And Trekking – December 4

Yesterday evening, I had to spent almost an hour outside the railway station. My husband had to meet someone who was delivering a document.

The person was expected to arrive by the 6:30 pm train. We were already on our evening walk. We usually start at 5 pm and cover 7 km in little more than an hour which takes us back home at 6:15 pm. We thought of waiting that extra 15 minutes at the station, instead of going home and then coming back.

Since most of the people still work from home, it did not have the usual thronging crowd. The walkway was almost empty.

Inspite of a No Parking Zone sign post, there were a few motorbikes parked.

The branches of the tree was in a chiaroscuro triggered by the street light.