The feeling I am left with today is that of betrayal.

I might have betrayed someone today. Someone who loves me so much.

My betrayal was remaining silent.

Not letting her know sooner that I won’t be around ..not at least in the same place as her child would be.

I intend to tell her later. Not that delaying the delivery of unpleasant tidings would make it less so.

I couldn’t muster up the courage because she disarmed me with her first greeting.

“You look so happy and energetic always and it rubs on me”.

I thought that I would let her linger a while longer hoping that she would understand when I explain.

I believe that I have suggested the safest place for her child . He will be nurtured and he will metamorph into a confident kid even if I am not present .

Today I betrayed my girl with my Silence.

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